Meet the League

By Filipina Storyteller Hannah Buena

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Meet the League is a Victorian-era story done as a tribute to shared-world universes, where characters from different literary sources appear and adventure together. Inspired by Alan Moore and other shared-world creators, Hannah wrote and drew excerpts of interactions of characters from different books that she had loved when she was young.

Hannah Buena is a literature major in her mid-twenties. An artist and a writer, she has been drawing at an early age, her visual style influenced both by Western cartoons and Japanese anime while her stories are drawn from her favorite classical books. Her pencils and inks include the first book of High Society (Wooden War), and she is a frequent contributor to several Free Comic Book Day releases. She works both in pencils and digital art, and regularly experiments with different art styles in order to expand her skills. Aside from Meet the League and other vignettes, Hannah is currently working on an original Gaslamp fantasy comic book. Samples of her work may be found in